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AI Assisted Banking Platform – FAQ
What is a chatbot in banking?

Can Payjo Chatbots be deployed on-premise in Banks?

What kind of technology does Payjo Chatbots use?
Can we use Payjo in a hybrid conversational model where we can use both automation and human intervention?
Which industries do Payjo AI Chatbots serve?
How does Payjo provide support to clients?
Do you have any use cases for Payjo chatbots in banking?
In which regions are Payjo Chatbots available?
Why should my bank choose Payjo chatbot?
Does the Payjo chatbot Platform support images and document attachments within messages?
What are the various languages supported by Payjo chatbot?
Do I need to have a machine learning expert inhouse to handle your implementation?
What are the key features of your chatbots?
Does your chatbots support only banking industry?
Can this chatbot be used by a small bank with few locations?