Case study: Learn how a "millennial-focused" bank uses AI to drive customer engagement Payjo
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How Progressive Banks Use Conversational AI Solutions to Upsell and Increase Revenue
December 7, 2018 AI Banking
Conversational AI Solution Series (Part 1) Who is Jane Smith? Jane is a New York-based lawyer who lives in the middle-income neighborhood of Queens. She is an American earning an average annual income of $74,664 before taxes. She uses cash and her debit card to pay her bills. Her bank …
Discover the uses of artificial intelligence, ML and PA in the debt collection process
December 6, 2018 AI Banking
  We’re in an era where everything is either data-driven or old school. To avoid being the latter, the uses of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and predictive analytics (PA) in banking and other financial services are being recognized. More than being just buzzwords, AI, ML, and PA have …
5 Ways How AI Applications in Debt Collection Improve Conversion Rates
December 4, 2018 AI Banking
Bad debts are consistently increasing and collection rates are declining. The US alone has a billion dollar debt out of which more than 50% is outsourced to collection agencies. Debt collection is one of the biggest challenges financial institutions and banks have to address. Added to this are other challenges …
Achieve Customer Centricity with AI Applications in Banking. Nurture an ‘AI First’ Culture
December 3, 2018 AI Banking
We live in an age of customer centricity……Where banking customers expect their ‘personal digital banks’ to know who they are, what they need, what they want, and what they prefer.…Where they expect a personalized customer journey, an omnichannel customer experience, and cutting-edge customer service.…Where banking customers are comfortable and prefer …
5 Steps to Measure the ROI of an AI Bot (ROAI)
November 28, 2018 AI Banking
If you think measuring ROI of an AI bot (ROAI) is simple? Think again! Can the performance of an AI bot be quantifiable?   While an AI bot may not burn out handling quantity, can the quality of CS and CX be measured? An AI bot is only as intelligent as …
Enabling Financial Inclusion Using Artificial Intelligence in Banking
November 22, 2018 AI Banking
Financial Inclusion using artificial intelligence in banking No predictable income, no bank account, no credit, no sustained living! This about sums up the situation for community residents in Tchula, a small town in Homes County, Mississippi. Take a moment to think about this… – Nearly 43% of residents in Tchula live …
The Future of Banking – AI Chatbot and Blockchain Technology
November 21, 2018 AI Banking
AI Chatbot and Blockchain Technology are Steps Away from Being the ‘Next Big Thing’  “Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain work well together for banks and other financial institutions” How many times have you heard this recently? Anyone can approach you with fancy terms like artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and encryption, …
How Intelligent are Banking Chatbots in Reality?
November 19, 2018 AI Chatbots
“Tell me a joke.”How would chatbots in banking websites respond?Here is a screenshot from a chat with SBI Intelligent Assistant (SIA). Chatbots in Banking – A Screenshot of a Conversation State Bank of India is India’s largest bank and its chatbot SIA is powered by Payjo. Does this mean that …
Leverage the Power of AI in Banking and Wealth Management
November 13, 2018 AI Banking
Millennials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers. Call them what you want, this customer segment is going to be the most potential target audience in the coming years and your strategies need to revolve around their buying behavior, preferences, needs, and nuances. Why? Because by end of this decade, millennials will be …

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