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It’s the Age of “Digital Darwinism”! Here are 6 Factors to Determine if AI is an Investment or a Cost
February 1, 2019 AI Chatbots
It’s the age of “Digital Darwinism”, an era where technology disruption is evolving at a faster pace than the ability of businesses and customers to adapt. However, technology disruption like Artificial Intelligence (AI) cannot be ignored, it’s here to stay, and empower. “AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to …
Embrace Technology Disruption! Utilize Relevant Core Skills and Technology to Integrate AI in Banking
January 21, 2019 AI Banking
Imagine a financial institution as a human body, Artificial Intelligence (AI) would then be the digital backbone holding it up! Technology disruption in the banking sector is taking place slowly yet surely. Why is there so much hype around AI? How is AI transforming the banking ecosystem? Because AI in …
Roadmap to Integrating an Omni Channel Chatbot
January 11, 2019 AI Banking
“Smart speakers, connected appliances, voice assistant, smartphones and beyond. I believe that the world is quickly shifting from a place of texting, typing and swiping to one of audio/voice as navigation and user experience.”Mitch Joel in his article on Six Pixels of  Separation aptly stated that consumers are increasingly using …
How an Intelligent Banking Assistant and Digital Disruption is Transforming Banking
January 9, 2019 AI Banking
Every business knows that technology stagnation in an ever-evolving market environment could risk being sidelined. In this digital age, banks and financial institutes need to realize that digital disruption in the industry is inevitable. Research by Accenture shows developed or emerging market banks can possibly drive up return on equity …
19 Ways an AI-Driven Customer Service Chatbot Improves CS and CX in 2019
January 4, 2019 AI Banking
It’s 2019! With so much hype around Artificial Intelligence, it is important to discuss the benefits of AI to customers of a financial organization. Here are 19 ways AI tech Improves Customer Service (CS) and Customer Experience (CX) in 2019 1. Automation –  One touch and done! FIs with the …
5 Banking Technology Trends in 2019 You Must Follow
December 31, 2018 AI Banking
GAFA giants (Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple) are nudging their way into the financial services sector. And when they nudge, everyone especially traditional banks feel the push! This is one example of many about the extensive disruption taking place in the BFSI sector. In 2018, the BFSI sector witnessed considerable …
Get to know how your AI banking platform drives revenue
December 27, 2018 AI Banking
How an AI banking platform can help you focus on revenue generation Let’s answer 2 very basic questions,Why do we run a business? To create an impact on our society and generate revenue.But how many such industries can create impactful disruption while earning good revenue? Very few. The banking industry …
Humanize Debt Collection with an AI Banking Chatbot
December 26, 2018 AI Banking
Ever heard of El Cobrador del Frac? They were ‘debt collectors in top hats and tails’ – literally! At the height of a financial crisis (such as the one in 2008), debts are on the rise and collection rates are low. Banks and debt collection agencies resort to many approaches. …
Why AI in Banking is Needed to Tailor Customer Interactions
December 21, 2018 AI Banking
Machine Learning and AI in banking can create engaging digital interactive experiences! A savvy customer may realize, AI in banking is the starting point for banks to get more relevant information. They will likely engage in more of this, and more engagement means more accurate data. This was said by …

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