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Leverage the Power of AI Tech in Banking & Wealth Management
November 13, 2018 AI Banking
Millennials, Gen Y, Echo Boomers. Call them what you want, this customer segment is going to be the most potential target audience in the coming years and your strategies need to revolve around their buying behavior, preferences, needs, and nuances. Why? Because by end of this decade, millennials will be …
Snapshot of a Digitally Empowered Banking Customer
November 13, 2018 AI Banking
Who is the digitally empowered banking customer? In the near future, the most potential market segment will mainly comprise of ‘millennials on the move’. Resonating with millennials is as much an art as a science. It no longer is about capturing their attention, it is about engaging them meaningfully, understanding …
Map and Tap the ‘Digital Only’ Banking Customer Using AI
November 5, 2018 AI Banking
Meet Mr. X. He is a millennial, he has been working in the IT sector for 10 years, lives in an upmarket neighborhood and has taken an auto loan to acquire his coveted car brand, Audi TT. As a ‘digital only’ banking customer, he prefers to use only digital channels …
3 AI Applications beyond Customer Experience (CX)
October 22, 2018 AI Banking
It has taken quite long for Artificial Intelligence to transition from fiction to reality. In the last 1 year, AI has had a measurable impact on a number of businesses and continues to be a hot topic for discussion in academic circles and business. Almost all large progressive organizations are …
Why CEOs should lead digital transformation at their banks?
September 28, 2018 AI Banking
 Digital transformation is inevitable and its potential, vast. In this post, we discuss the driving factors and why the top leadership should take the reigns of digital transformation.   What is the digital transformation?   “While digital banking refers to making available online all banking services, digital transformation is digital …
GDPR and its implications for banks using chatbots Part-2
September 20, 2018 AI Banking
In part 2 of the series on GDPR implications for banks using chatbots, we discuss the most recent amendments to the GDPR, common gaps in GDPR compliance and requirements specific to banks implementing chatbots. The latest additions to GDPR were ‘rights to data portability’ and ‘rights to data erasure,’ which …
GDPR and its implications for banks using chatbots-Part 1
September 12, 2018 AI Banking
GDPR and its implications for banks using chatbots  “Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.” -Robert Schuller.    Well, GDPR is here! It has been in effect for more than three months. Since its implementation, GDPR has created not so pleasant ripples for businesses. To begin with, technology giants like …
The curious case of wireless pods and bank IVRS
August 16, 2018 AI Banking
The curious case of wireless pods and bank IVRS Sales of wireless pods are exploding and they continue to grow in popularity with each passing day. Wireless pods continue to be top sellers on most online portals, including Amazon. Industry analysts anticipate that Apple AirPods will continue to experience incredible …
Infographic: New tech adoption in the US banking
July 30, 2018 AI Banking
This infographic is created based on our blog “Predicting AI Technology Adoption in the US Banking Industry”

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