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Customer Support Assistant

AI assisted customer support for Enterprises

Customer expectations for convenience and speed of response is ever increasing. Gone are days when customers were fine with waiting for several minutes on an IVRS to talk to a support representative. Today customers expect their needs to be taken care of quickly and efficiently. Convenience and speed of service are key to guaranteeing customer retention.With AI chatbots, banks can deliver quick and personalized assistance to all customers 24/7.Download Solution Brief


“85% of customer interaction will be over AI interface by 2020” – Gartner & ABA

Key functionalities



Any customer inquiry through any digital channel (website chat, IVRS, app, social, etc.) can be handled by Payjo 24/7



Can converse with customers (in both voice and text) in over 100 global and regional languages


Pre-trained workflows

Platform comes with over 300 pre-trained workflows and modules


Volume of conversations

Can handle 15,000 conversations per second thereby reducing the call and chat volume to human support agents

Live deployments of AI customer support solution has resulted in NPS increase of 20% and cost-savings of upto $2M within 5 months of implementation.


of providing quality support anytime

  • 01
  • Delight Customers: Delight customers by providing the best customer experience in the industry.
  • 02
  • Customer Self-service: Intelligent chatbots can guide and assist customers in completing service requests on their own without involving a human agent.
  • 03
  • Save Support and OPEX Costs: Save up to 60% in customer support costs within one year of deployment.
  • 04
  • Retain Customers and Cultivate Loyalty: Enhance customer experience (CX) and retain customers through quick and convenient customer service.

Payjo’s chatbots are very effective at mimicking a human customer support representative. They understand the context and intent of conversations to provide highly effective customer support.

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